About Us

Headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we have been offering charter flights since 1999.  We charter aircraft to provide air transportation by offering regularly scheduled public charter flights or individual chartered flights. Public Charters focuses on markets that are underserved by major airlines’ scheduled services.  While our direct public charter flights provide our passengers with added convenience and amenities,  our pricing is competitive with the major airlines. Our goal is to create a convenient and pleasurable travel experience for each customer.

Public Charters provides its services as an Indirect Air Carrier operating under US Department of Transportation regulations.  These DOT Regulations require that passengers’ advance payments for charter flights are kept in escrow and are backed up  by a security bond held by the DOT. As an Indirect Air Carrier working with various charter air carriers, we can establish routes and schedules targeted to meeting ever changing market demand.

Flights operate on chartered aircraft ranging from the classic Boeing 737 to the more fuel efficient turbo prop aircraft.  Click HERE for information on the Air Carriers we work with.